Contributors for Issue 1

Our Contributors for Issue 1

Omi Aliaga

Omi Aliaga is a queer latinx writer and artist from Philadelphia. When not writing or painting, they can be found between the pages of a book, scribbling away in a journal or drinking way too many lattes at the coffee shop they work at. They are currently writing a novel about two boys, one summer, and the end of the world. If you would like to see more of their work, you can check out their Instagram, @boysaturns_.

Emily Bieniek

Emily Bieniek is a recent grad of Columbia College’s poetry program. Her poetry has been published in several journals around Chicago and has been included in Plain China, a yearly anthology of the best undergrad writing. She currently works with the Chicago Poetry Center and is the editor of Protocol Review, a newly formed journal for BDSM writers and artists.

Danny Bowman

Danny Bowman is a freelance writer and scriptwriter based in the good ol’ state of Wisconsin. When they aren’t reading teen fiction or scrolling through Pinterest, they are typically writing on Spirituality and Queer Theory, among other topics. After graduating from Columbia College of Chicago last May, they have begun the process of writing and producing their produce, which should be released within the next year.

Kyrie Clemmer is a queer artist attending University of the Arts, and is currently based in Philadelphia. They are often photographing personal work, filming projects, and working at a coffee shop full time. You can catch them going on late night bike rides or playing around in nature. If you’re interested in seeing more of their work you can find them on instagram under @kyrieclemmer and @klubpenguin.

Kyrie Clemmer


Ash Dietrich


Ash Dietrich is a freelance artist, former Production Editor for Hair Trigger magazine and Interviews Editor for Hair Trigger 2.0. He was the makeup artist for The Return of Top Girls: A Sacred Drama for The Priestesses of Avalon, which was performed last summer in Glastonbury, England. He lives in Chicago and holds a BA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago.

Liz Johnson is a Chicago-based queer artist. They work in several mediums including collage, photography, film, and the written word. Their art most often explores hidden identity, distorted perspectives, and intense love. Which is fitting, given that they’re a Scorpio.

Liz Johnson

Margaux King is a Vermont based artist and acrobat. Their focus is on queer storytelling, more specifically on identifying as a non-binary individual and their journey with hormone replacement therapy. For more of their work check out @margaux.king on instagram.

Margaux King

Lemmy is a Chicago-based queer poet who experiments with technology generated poetry called “Flarf”. Their work has been previously published in Hooligan Magazine. Since moving to the the city from the Detroit suburbs, Lemmy has a new found love for pie and burritos bigger than their head.


Margot Mitchell-Nockowitz is a photographer and writer living in Boston, MA. Her work unpacks the ideas of sexuality, loneliness, and the exploration of the physical body as an artificial identity.

Margot Mitchell-Nockowitz

Jessica Powers


Jessica Powers is a writer currently pursuing a degree in Fiction with hopes of publishing a novel one day. She has had work published in Hair Trigger 2.0, an online magazine of Columbia College Chicago. She is an editor and contributor for Columbia’s forthcoming Hair Trigger: Issue 41 magazine. Her favorite food is ice cream.

Mo Santiago


Mo Santiago is a Chicago born and raised avid city walker in a long-term relationship with life. Though poetry birthed her creative writing style, she has opened up to writing creative non-fiction, blogs and most recently screen plays. She is studying poetry at Columbia College Chicago, loves the smell of coffee, and would be more than happy to try your classic homemade waffles.

Adele Tamae


Adele Tamae is a mixed media artist, specializing in analog sketching and ink drawing techniques. She has published numerous zines printed internationally as well as here in Chicago. Adele is a freelance visual artist who is open for commissions. Her work can be found at and @onebatlied on Instagram.