Submission Info

Submission Info

Information and specifics about submitting your work to Ransack

Submission Guidelines

 You can send your submissions to our email at!
Or go
right here

Our reading period is July 23rd - December 15th.

The Fall 2018 theme is:


Length of Submissions

Poetry: 3-5 poems not exceeding 6 pages in total

Prose (including non-fiction, fiction, and other genre blended pieces): Maximum of 5 double spaced pages

Interviews: Maximum of 6 double spaced pages

Visual Art and Photography: Up to 6 pieces

Mixed Media: Up to 6 pieces (scanned journal pages, collages, found objects, etc etc)


What We're Looking For

     We want to see pieces that captivate us, feel original, and are absolutely potent. We are focused on the idea of being unapologetic and authentic to our identities while transcending genre and subject matter. To us, genre isn't real. We want to see work that's weird and beautiful and vulnerable, and we encourage you to submit your favorite pieces of your own work that you've always wanted a home for, but were too afraid weren't suitable for the mainstream publishing world.
     It is encouraged that you check out our first issue to see what we have enjoyed recently. However, Ransack works to create diversity and intrigue in art, so there are no rules. We only ask that you follow our theme in your own way and that it is free from hate speech and exclusivity, including: racist, ableist, queerphobic, classist, and sexist content.


Formatting for Visual Art

Document Type: We accept PDF, .jpeg and .png, as well as links to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneNote files. Should this pose a problem, please email us at !

Are you a multi-modal artist? Very cool, we love that! If you have written work that you'd like to see beside your visual art, compile a document with how you'd like to see it formatted.

Formatting for Writing

Document Type: We accept PDF and .docx, as well as links to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneNote files. Should this pose a problem, please email us at !

Interviews: Interviews should be with artists whose predominant work is in the field of writing or visual artistry.

Response Time

We work hard to look at what you submit in a timely manner. You can usually look for your decision email around the time our submissions close for our upcoming issue. (For our next issue, this will be around 12/15/2018.)

Simultaneous Submissions

We get it, we're artists too. We are happy to consider simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if anything you've submitted is accepted elsewhere. We'll be happy for you, promise! We do not, however, accept previously published work (if we can find it on Google, it's already considered published to us).

Legal Things

Everything you submit to us must be your own intellectual property. By submitting to us, you confirm that this is true. Plagiarism isn't cool.

If accepted, we hold First North American rights. Ownership remains with the artist at all times. If your piece is published elsewhere in the future, please give Ransack credit for publishing it first!

Money Things

Submitting to us is free. That being said though, at this time we can't compensate you for your work except with all the praise and love we can give you, plus exposure of your work in our magazine.

We appreciate you and thank you for reading.